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Wilderness might not be everyone’s description of luxury, but it does provide for an intimate and unforgettable escape from the ordinary 

Wilderness also doesn’t always mean ‘roughing it’

The Wilderness That Remains

Only 23 percent of the world’s land surface (excluding Antarctica) can be considered wilderness and most of that wilderness (70%) is in only 5 countries – Russia, Canada, Australia, United States (all in Alaska) and Brazil.  

37 Wilderness Areas from Conservation International’s

‘Wilderness: Earth’s Last Wild Places’

Tropical Rainforest
1. Amazonia
2. The Congo Forests of Central Africa
3. New Guinea
Tropical Woodlands, Savannas and Grasslands
4. The Chaco
5. The Caatinga
6. Miombo-Mopane Woodlands and Grasslands
7. The Serengeti
8. Cape York
9. Arnhem Land
10. Kimberley
11. The Pantanal
12. The Llanos
13. Bañados Del Este
14. The Sundarbans
15. The Sudd
16. The Okavango
17. Baja Californian and Sonoran Deserts
18. The Greater Chihuahuan Desert
19. The Mojave Desert
20. The Colorado Plateau
21. Costal Deserts of Peru and Chile
22. The Sahara/Sahel
23. The Kalahari Desert
24. The Namib Desert
25. Arabian Deserts
26. Asian Deserts
27. Australian Deserts
Temperate Forests
28. The Northern Rocky Mountains
29. Pacific Northwest
30. The Appalachians
31. Magellanic Subpolar Rainforests
32. European Mountains
33. Tasmania
High Latitude Wilderness Areas
34. The Boreal Forests
35. Patagonia
36. The Arctic Tundra
37. Antarctica
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